11 Oct 2011

Hate it or love it

vintage umbrella - H&M blazer, top & necklace - zara trousers - sacha shoes
I don't hate rain, I hate riding my bike through the rain.
The world needs rain and I don't mind. I love the sound of it, I love looking at it through the window en god I love thunder! Especially at night, it always calms me down.
Today it wasn't cold, but it was pooring really softly and I had to go home from school by bike. So I wasn't looking very pretty when I came.
But I wanted to post a picture of this outfit anyway, so I made this picture.
I was supposed to do my homework tonight, but I landed accidentally in Photoshop and this is the result.
Well I have to go back to my homework again, 'cause I've got a lot to do!

7 Oct 2011

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Product Design assignment - to make a bridge
This is something I made for my preperation study at ArtEZ. We had to make a bridge.

A bridge takes you from one point to another. Life works exactly the same: you continually move from one point to another one. This bridge brings you from the point where you standing at this moment, to your goal in life. This bridge is your life. That's why tried to create the effect of a heartbeat on the outside. Inside the bridge you find the things you need to reach your goal: there are obstacles you need to tide over and there are dna strings wich presents the abilities you'll need during your journey through life.

Sometimes I wish there really is something that can help reach your goal in life. But you have to do it on your own. Just keep believing in yourself, be patiented and enjoy the journey of life!

6 Oct 2011

Time is running out, while all I want is to stand still

Believe me: I love bloggin. I love writing and I love sharing what keeps me busy.
But right now I'm too busy. This week I needed to draw 5 paintings for Art School next Saturday.
So I spend all my spare time drawing. The only thing I think about right now is drawing, drawing and drawing. And about the paint, pencils and all the other stuff I use for it.
Don't get me wrong: I love doing the preperation study in Arnhem. It's so much fun, I learn a lot and art is just a way to express myself.
But I also have my regular high school, where I also spend a lot of time.
So sometimes I will be posting less than I'm used to. The fondest I would post every day, but time goes by while I'm not watching. So sorry for my lack of posts last time.
To make it up with you I'll post some pictures of my work I made for ArtEZ, so I hope you'll understand why I'm so busy.
For everyone who reads this: Thank you, it means a lot to me my blog is being seen.
cya <3

30 Sep 2011

One makes TWO

H&M top & necklace - New Look sunglasses, shorts & bag - Bijenkorf Collection shoes
I know, I wore these shorts also at wednesday. But they are just perfect for the weather right now!
And I made a whole new outfit with them.
I always like these articles in magazines, where they show you how you can dress for a whole weekend with just one piece. So I try that sometimes myself, because otherwise my mum will be mad, 'cause I cost her so much laundry.
Unfortunately the good weather will end after the weekend :( So I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can!
Well I'm off, hope you have a good time ^^

29 Sep 2011

Gimme the light

ONLY top - New Look short - Michael Kors watch
New Look ring
I'm really happy because of the Indian Summer we have currently in the Netherlands!
It such a nice weather right now, the sun is shining, skys are blue... I love it!
The only difference with summer is that when I wake up in the morning it's still dark and when it's 9 p.m. it's dark to and it's really cold in the morning, but in the afternoon it's hot, hot, hot
These pictures I mad yesterday by sunset, so I love the way the light falls.
By Sunday the temperature will slowly go down, so I guess it will be raining next week :(
So relax for now and enjoy the sun!

Sorry I just had to add this video. This song is really old, but when it's sunny weather and I feel like dancing, I just like listening to Sean Paul

25 Sep 2011

Do it like a dude

vintage coat & bag - Invito shoes
My friend Ray showed me this video of Jessie Jay and I felt in love. She's very talented!
So I got inspired for my look and I found this coat. I don't now if you can see it on the pictures, but it has such great shoulders.
Last night I went out with a friend of mine, so I'm very tired and I have to study.
So I'm going back to my homework!

PS: I know, smoking is really bad

22 Sep 2011

Am I losin' my religion?

H&M shirt, top & ring - vintage scarf, necklace, pants - ASOS shoes
I'm glad it's weekend again. Last weekend was wonderful!
It was very pleasant with my brother and the rest of the weekend in Arnhem was great too.
Sunday's eve I was really tired and I still am. School has been so busy this week.
And I keep busy: next week I have a test again at school, so I have to study very hard this weekend.
But I have to relax, so tomorrow night I've a party of a friend of mine and Saturday I go to school in Arnhem, so I guess I'll have a little bit fun this weekend.
Tonight I have to babysit, I hope the children will sleep early so I can go home: to my own, cosy bed
Sweet dreams!

15 Sep 2011

It ain't about how fast I get there, it's the climb

pieces army-green jeans - ZARA top - Mango jacket 
Via Uno heels
I'll won't be blogging the next three days, because I'm off for the weekend!
Tonight I'll go to visit my brother in Breda and than we go out together, so that will be fun (I guess).
Tomorrow I go on another traintrip and I'll go to Arnhem. There I'll stay over by a friend of mine: Raymond, who is also a student at the School of Arts, he's studying Fine Art.
Saturday I have to go to school, but after that I go to a part with Ray, so I guess I'll be very tired at Sunday.
But all these things are going to be fun, so I'm excited!
What are your plans for the weekend? Hope you've some fun too!

13 Sep 2011

This is not my cup of tea

H&M army-green shirt - H&M necklace - vintage bracelet

H&M ring

School has just started for three weeks and I'm already done with it!
I'm trying to keep it up, but I'm really busy.
So here is a picture to show you guys how hard I work and a picture of how tired I was at night, lol.
For me, the perfect drink during the day is a cup of green tea with a hinth of cranberry. I drink this during the whole year: spring, summer, fall or winter, I don't care.
I've got my bracelet from a friend of mine, the text on it is really sweat:
"Angel Blessing. May your days all be blessed with the presence of an angel by your side"

I wish that to everyone of you!

12 Sep 2011

The mirror has two faces

Vero Moda trenchcoat - H&M shirt - Pieces jeans - Massimo Dutti bag - Dorothy Perkins wedges

New Look ring - Michael Kors watch

 It took a while before I could post these pictures, because I did a little photoshop project.
(and I didn't spend much time at my computer this weekend)
I always thought photoshop was a very difficult program, but it turns out it isn't that hard after all and on youtube you can find lots of tutorials to help you out.
So I hope I can get myself to do my homework the next few days, because discover new things is so much fun. I wish I had more time to photoshop :(
For now you have to do it with this picture, hope you like the outfit!

9 Sep 2011

The kick-off

Yes, this is the kick-off of my blog.
I used to blog about two years ago, but at a certain moment I stopped bloggin.
But when I saw other people's blogs I felt something deep inside what was saying to me: you've to go bloggin again!
So here I am: bloggin again and to cheer you people up I've got a sunny picture for you ^^
Unfortunately summer is over in the Netherlands and so is summer holiday.
So not only it's kick-off time for my new blog, but also for school.
Tomorrow there's another kick-off for me: I'm starting with a course at the School of Arts in Arnhem: ArtEZ, which will prepare me for college there.
So I'll end with some pictures from my old blog and than I'm going to put on my PJ's and I go to sleep.

So good night to you all!

River Island outfit - Zara dress & H&M shoes - DIY Balmain jacket, ONLY dress, Tango shoes