7 Oct 2011

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Product Design assignment - to make a bridge
This is something I made for my preperation study at ArtEZ. We had to make a bridge.

A bridge takes you from one point to another. Life works exactly the same: you continually move from one point to another one. This bridge brings you from the point where you standing at this moment, to your goal in life. This bridge is your life. That's why tried to create the effect of a heartbeat on the outside. Inside the bridge you find the things you need to reach your goal: there are obstacles you need to tide over and there are dna strings wich presents the abilities you'll need during your journey through life.

Sometimes I wish there really is something that can help reach your goal in life. But you have to do it on your own. Just keep believing in yourself, be patiented and enjoy the journey of life!

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