6 Oct 2011

Time is running out, while all I want is to stand still

Believe me: I love bloggin. I love writing and I love sharing what keeps me busy.
But right now I'm too busy. This week I needed to draw 5 paintings for Art School next Saturday.
So I spend all my spare time drawing. The only thing I think about right now is drawing, drawing and drawing. And about the paint, pencils and all the other stuff I use for it.
Don't get me wrong: I love doing the preperation study in Arnhem. It's so much fun, I learn a lot and art is just a way to express myself.
But I also have my regular high school, where I also spend a lot of time.
So sometimes I will be posting less than I'm used to. The fondest I would post every day, but time goes by while I'm not watching. So sorry for my lack of posts last time.
To make it up with you I'll post some pictures of my work I made for ArtEZ, so I hope you'll understand why I'm so busy.
For everyone who reads this: Thank you, it means a lot to me my blog is being seen.
cya <3

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