22 Sep 2011

Am I losin' my religion?

H&M shirt, top & ring - vintage scarf, necklace, pants - ASOS shoes
I'm glad it's weekend again. Last weekend was wonderful!
It was very pleasant with my brother and the rest of the weekend in Arnhem was great too.
Sunday's eve I was really tired and I still am. School has been so busy this week.
And I keep busy: next week I have a test again at school, so I have to study very hard this weekend.
But I have to relax, so tomorrow night I've a party of a friend of mine and Saturday I go to school in Arnhem, so I guess I'll have a little bit fun this weekend.
Tonight I have to babysit, I hope the children will sleep early so I can go home: to my own, cosy bed
Sweet dreams!


  1. Wauw, mooie foto's! En heel leuke outfit :))

  2. This is such a cute outfit! Love your booties xo


  3. wow love this outfit!!! love the maroon color on you too! the scarf and all the accessories are Owesome! :P xkim